A child theme

baby by Amanda Jane FletcherI had my web editor hat on last week and made some behind the scenes tweaks to this blog site.  After some investigation it looks like I’ll need to get my hands dirty with some coding (hurray!) so the next step is to create what’s called a ‘child theme’ in WordPress. That means that I will still be able to update this site without losing any additional changes that I make to the code.

As a result I haven’t had so much time to draw, so my friends have kindly agreed to let me post a picture that I drew to celebrate the birth of their new baby. Congratulations to them!

Sugar plum gorilla

I asked the gorilla to come back and give us a twirl, because my friend said that she wanted to see ‘the whole of the monkey’s body’. I do hope that she’s not disappointed.

Anyway, this is helpful for me too as I want to work on a new theme over the next few weeks. It’s a good way to generate ideas without constantly thinking of new characters or trying different media. I wonder what gorilla and chick will get up to next?