To friend or to unfriend


Funny that despite innovations in technology our lives seem to get more complicated, not less. I balance a full-time job, a four-hour commute and ‘life’, so keeping up with dear friends online sometimes becomes yet another item on my to-do list.

I was on holiday last week so I was able to enjoy one of the monthly figure drawing sessions run by Debbie Hinks. With a ‘fabulous fifties’ theme our beautiful model had two costume changes, swapping from a full and flowery dress to a slinky mad-men outfit with a fur stole.  Light slanted in through the tall windows of Brighton’s Emporium Theatre and our arty efforts provided a point of interest for the other cafe visitors.

While we were chatting with the model during a break she said that if someone’s birthday pops up on her Facebook news feed and she doesn’t know them well enough to wish them Happy Birthday, she’ll unfriend them.

That seems like a sensible way to keep in touch with those that matter the most to you. So I thought it was funny when I heard on Radio 4 that artificial intelligence expert, Boris Galitsky, has invented a ‘robot’ to carry out his social interactions online. It sees what Boris’ friends have posted, eg ‘puppies’, then scans similar comments to add an appropriate response. I think ‘aw cute’ or ‘oh no’ would probably cover most of it!

Here’s a quick drawing of a ‘fabulous fifties facebook friend and unfriender’.


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