Modern matryoshka

Matryoshka by Amanda Fletcher

Remember Mrs Doyle from Father Ted? Go on, go on… I heard Pauline McLynn, the actor who played her, interviewed on the radio. When she was asked about the fact that she often plays older women she said:

It’s like I’ve got a mother and a grandmother inside me.

It got me thinking about Matryoshka dolls or Russian nested-dolls and what they might look like with modern women. Here are three nested women drawn in felt-tip pen on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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    1. thank you Mel! i haven’t heard of that artist and the image is very striking, I like it! inspiration for extending drawing club sketches perhaps?

  1. I can’t stop looking at this drawing, Mandy! Wonderful characterisation. And in my favourite medium of felt tip :)
    There is a set of Russian dolls that belong to Neil, which I love – painted as 7 Russian presidents and leaders, going back to Lenin. We like to play out mini political/ideological dramas by placing them in silly juxtapositions …

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